Level Up Coffee 🎲 Brings Out Your A-Game

Being on your A-Game means to bring maximum effort, focus, and undeniable commitment to the table. Whether in a sports/board game/video game or in your daily life, our quality coffee aims to contribute to your best performances and bring out your A-Game.

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Level Up Coffee's packaging ensures the coffee remains fresh for over a year when unopened. Bundle your order and enjoy savings with free shipping on purchases over 75$. Certain conditions may apply

Why is your coffee so good?


This is the most interesting question! It's all in the roasting, which largely ensures the quality of the coffee. Level Up Coffee coffees are slow roasted by heat refraction, which is what sets them apart and gives them such a tasty taste. This method roasts the coffee without burning it, because the beans are not in direct contact with the flame. This process extracts the maximum of flavors and explains the finesse of our coffees.

Where does your coffee come from?


Our coffees are blends of several beans from Africa and South America whose recipes are kept secret. Our blends are composed of 90% Arabica coffee and 10% Robusta Indian Cherry. All our beans, grown at an altitude of more than 1000 m, are certified SHB (strickly hard beans). These harder beans retain their aromatic properties during roasting. 

How to keep coffee fresh?


Our coffees are roasted and then packed in opaque bags with nitrogen equipped with a freshness valve and a tin tie fastener. Our bags are designed to store coffee.

Nitrogen doesn’t oxide like oxygen conainted in the air does. Its use thus keeps the freshness coffees.

The freshness valve allows volatile gases, such as the CO2 produced by the coffee, to escape while preventing other gases such as oxygen from entering the bag.

Thanks to this packaging technique, coffees from Level Up Coffee stay fresh for more than a year in an unopened bag. Coffee is best consumed within 7 days of opening the bag.

To store the coffee once the bag has been opened: close the bag tightly with the clip provided and keep it in a dry, temperate place.


How to store coffee  :

·         Store dry, between 30% to 50%;

·         Store away from heat, at room temperature (between 15 oC and 23 oC);

·         Store away from light;

·         Store in its bag by closing it tightly with the clip provided or in an opaque airtight container.


* Contact with Oxygen: When coffee is in contact with oxygen over an
extended period of time, it can become stale. Its shelf life is reduced and its
flavor is affected.